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    The Cashmere Sale

    We are The Cashmere Sale. Find your in season, high quality cashmere at irresistible prices at any of our 25 plus locations. A cashmere sweater is a must have in every girl’s closet.

    Whether it be summer, fall, winter or spring the luxury of being wrapped in a soft, cozy, chic piece while looking fabulous is the ultimate dream From sweaters to wraps and accessories, we’re inspired by leading designers and influential tastemakers to share our style with you.

    Founded and driven by a group of passionate, fashion oriented women, our shopping event sprouted from a small get together in a Greenwich, Connecticut living room What started out as a few good friends sharing thoughts and opinions on the latest cashmere sweaters turned into this chic boutique on the move.

    Our love for shopping and fashion has blossomed into a 25 location event which continues to grow Over 16 years we’ve maintained our annual get together, we’ve simply popped up in more places.

    By offering online shopping and limiting our nationwide pop up stores to once a year, we eliminate traditional brick and mortar expenses and pass the savings on to you!

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