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Company Profile

Company Profile

Established in 1994, Republic Clothing Group is a privately held company with headquarters in New York City. Today, the well appointed Manhattan office and 20 modern and spacious showroom enclaves allow the company to design, market and sell the growing suite of fine apparel brands that is fast approaching the $300 million threshold.




Republic Clothing Group (RCG) is a diversified international manufacturer and wholesale marketer and retailer. RCG produces branded and private label apparel for the Missy, Petite and Woman’s size customer and men’s knitwear. With manufacturing and sourcing operations around the globe, Republic Clothing Group provides both retailers and consumers with a wide variety of apparel products and services to suit their individual needs.

Our branded and private label customers can be found in every major channel of retail distribution, including national chains, specialty catalogs, mass merchandisers, department stores, specialty stores, and online retailers. The sheer diversity, volume, and quality of the product we create, in combination with our experienced sales and designs teams, allows RCG to cater to virtually any retailer.

Republic Clothing Group



With a pulse on trend and movement in fashion, RCG’s success can be attributed to several unique factors that comprise an outstanding configuration as a company. They have the ability to create “fast track” fashion, allowing them to be a leader of the industry in design, production and trend. The management team, comprised of visionary executives, boasts an expertise in business strategy, retail, understanding, production and financial analysis.

RCG has developed into a company with a mantra of flexibility, action, reaction and adaptability. These intangibles have allowed them to grow and develop as a force in the wholesale clothing and manufacturing world. Price and value has driven RCG to develop a reputation for the best quality, best designed product for the best value to retailers, and ultimately the consumer. The RCG business model is characterized by the diversity across distribution channels, merchandise categories, fast retailing and speed of development. The uniqueness of being able to design and manufacture for a vastly diverse retail audience has attributed to RCG’s success and growth. From retailers like Neiman Marcus and Macy’s, HSN, private label and off price channels, RCG has mastered the art of providing the quality lines necessary to satisfy all outlets of consumer purchase. It is the relationships that they have cultivated with their retail partners that has allowed them the success in expansion across the retail landscape. They are trusted by buyer and management alike, and co-share their market intelligence to mutually benefit all. It is these cultivated relationships that separate RCG from the competition.

Management Team

Steven Sall

Founder & Chairman

As Founder and Chairman of Republic Clothing group, Steven Sall is the visionary leader at the helm. Sall began his career from 1980-1984 as sales representative in the New England/New York territories, working for prestigious companies such as Tahari, Oscar de la Renta Blouses and August Silk. In 1994 he joined Jones Apparel Group as a sales representative for Christian Dior. Jones Apparel promoted him furthering his responsibilities including merchandising and sales administration. He founded Consolidated Fashion Corporation in 1991 as a national sales representative company. In 1994, Sall founded Republic Clothing Group, which he developed into a vast, multi-line women’s’ apparel company. He attributes his success to the value of his product, his relationships in the business and vision for tomorrow.

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